Hashi @ Home



In case you slept through 2020, it was a pandemic year. The lucky ones had to stay at home a lot; that’s the “@home” part. The Hashi part is described in this post

Can I touch?

No. You can look, but don’t touch.

Is this like a tutorial or something?

No. This is a story about using Hashi stuff at home. If you’re reading from the future, this was the time when literally everyone was at home all the time, so it may seem weird in 2099, but back in pandemic days, this was pretty normal.

Are you sure this is only about Hashi tools?

Ok fine, you got me. It’s mostly about Hashi stuff. There’s some Ansible and probably other things thrown in too.

What did you use to build this website?

Glad you asked. I spent a while thinking about it, questioning my entire belief system. Short version:

Long version might come in a blog post sometime.

Can I have the source code so that I can do this to my pis too?

Sure. It’s in a different repo and I’ll release it when I’m ready.

So are you some kind of Hashispert now? Can you help me?

No. I’m not Hashi certified anything, I just use these things a lot and really like them. I like to hang out on the Hashicorp discussion forum, mostly because it’s a Discourse and I miss Discourse – but also because the community there is really engaged and helpful. I suggest you go there for Hashihelp.

Are you literally going to just put Hashi in front of everything now?

Jury’s out. It worked for Batman and the Smurfs, so who am I to judge?

Do you hate the cloud?

Stop calling it that. The correct term is “other peoples’ computers as a service”. I can love my computers and also not care about other peoples’ comptuers. The idea here is to learn something that I can’t learn somewhere else. Yes, I have to learn all the cloud stuff for work, but it feels like I’m spending company scrip. I hate company scrip.

Hashi@Home is personal side-project by brucellino. It's ok to watch, but don't touch. Get your own damn side project.